23 Aug Hardwood as a Luxury

The world is truly an amazing place full of exotic plants and trees in nature.  People pay big bucks to incorporate rare and and beautiful hardwoods from around the world in their space.    Below are listed some of the world’s most expensive wood types today.  From the color to the annual rings, it is no wonder why people will pay top dollar for these pieces.

Sandalwood- $20,000 per kg

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Sandalwood tops the list in the world’s most expensive hardwoods.  The hardwood is such a luxury due to its natural oil.  The scent that derives from the oil lasts years unlike many other types of wood.

African Blackwood- $10,000 per kg

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African Blackwood ranks as one of the most expensive hardwoods in the world.  This beautiful tree comes from dry areas in Africa.  This type of wood is mostly used for musical instruments

AgarWood- $10,000 per kg

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Agarwood also tops the list for the most expensive woods in the world.  This wood features a special aroma that stems from the wood’s natural oil.  This tree is found in Asia and serves a very desirable high commodity.  

Ebony- $9,000 per kg

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Ebony is known for the deepness of the its dark heartwood.  This wood leaves a smooth look when polished making it a very sought after item.  Ebony can be found in both parts of Africa and Asia.