22 Sep We need more woodworking in schools

A woodworking program can be a lot more than just a chance for students to play around with tools and build something on their own. Programs like wood shop allow students to develop many characteristics that they can’t necessarily learn in the typical classroom setting. It’s no question that wood shop programs are fun and students genuinely enjoy them. But there’s also many other ways a student can benefit from woodworking. Here are some examples:

  1. Allows them to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of physical labor contributions of others.
  2. Instills patience and perseverance when overcoming setbacks.
  3. Enhances skills in geometry, algebra, and other architectural design when creating plans themselves.
  4. Provides them with a sense of confidence in tool use and teaches them how to use tools safely.
  5. Increases self-confidence and boosts self-esteem when completing a project on their own.
  6. Allows a student to think creatively and open up another part of their mind to become confident with their creativity.