01 Feb How AWI is changing the woodworking industry in 2018

The Architectural Woodwork Standards
The Architectural Woodwork Institute has begun to develop new standards for the architectural woodwork community to follow.
AWI is releasing an updated version of their Architectural Woodwork Standards, AWS. This is a guide used for the specification, construction and installation of interior architectural woodwork. The goal of this publication is to ensure that all manufacturers are creating work at the highest standard as well as to create equal competition in the industry.
What is AWI?
AWI is the Architectural Woodwork Institute founded in Chicago, Illinois on December 17th, The Institute aspires to be the global leader in architectural woodwork standards.
Their mission includes:
  1. The creation of standards for the woodworking community to follow.
  1. Improving education as well as providing opportunities to increase the awareness and involvement in the architectural woodworking community.
As well as more standards you can find on their website: http://www.awinet.org/content.asp?admin=Y&contentid=179
Where can you find the changes?
You can learn more and find the publication on their website, http://www.awinet.org/content.asp?contentid=148.