10 Aug Tools you need to own to start woodworking!

In order to start woodworking and creating your own projects Dan Farnbach, from Popular Woodworking Magazine, suggest that you should own these seven basic tools. These tools are to help start you in your woodworking journey and we hope they help you create amazing projects!


Power Jointer

This tool is a huge time saver to use when completing projects. The power jointer allows you to efficiently flatten the faces of rough or reclaimed lumber.

Circular Saw

This is a power saw that can be mounted on a table or can be handheld.

Hand Saws

A tool that can be used for cross-cutting, straightening edges, and cutting boards down to meet a final width.


This is another great tool that is mainly used for cutting curves. This saw is great for use in detailed work.

Tape Measure

Do not forget to buy this tool! It is very important to ensure all of your pieces are coming out to the correct length and ensures that everything will fit in your project.

Power Drills

Use a power drill to quickly make holes in the wood and help make your woodworking process more efficient.


If you want to read more about Dan’s favorite woodworking tools then click the link below!