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  • 26 Apr

    Project Overview – St. Mark’s School

    At the St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA, we provided pre-finished red oak wall panels, ceiling coffers, doors and frames. We also produced window sills, door and base trims.  ...

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  • 16 Mar

    DIY Spring Decor

    Spring is coming and it’s time to start thinking about Spring house decor. Why not put your woodworking skills to the test to make your house look a little more welcoming this Spring. Here are......

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  • 22 Feb

    The hottest 2019 Kitchen Design Trend so far…

    With 2019 in full swing, we thought we’d share one of the more popular design trends we’ve been seeing so far. Darker kitchen cabinets are the hottest thing at the moment. Pair them with a......

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  • 08 Jan

    Simple Safety Tips We Always Follow

    Of course we know the “always wear proper clothing and safety equipment” spiel, but we’re going to cut a little deeper into the basic rules we always follow. Remember: woodworking projects are never something to do......

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  • 12 Nov

    Band Saw Basics

    When cutting curves into wood, it’s likely your best bet is to use your trusty band saw. With that being said, these handy machines can be used for more than just that – but first,......

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  • 19 Oct

    DIY Wooden Halloween Decor

    As we transition over from summer to fall, nothing brings spirits higher when the temperatures are lower than some festive outdoor decor. Here’s a few of our favorite family-friendly projects to welcome your trick-or-treaters this......

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  • 19 Sep

    Which Cedar is Right for You?

    Woodworkers love the versatility cedars bring. From decking to lining to roofing, find which cedar species is best for your lumber needs by glancing over our simple guide.   Eastern Red Cedar Background: Eastern red cedar......

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  • 22 Jun

    Woodworking 101: Sanding

    One of the most important steps in woodworking is actually sanding your wood. This is used to remove flaws, mill marks and other dents that have been placed in the wood either prior to or......

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  • 10 May

    DIY – Summer Games

    With summer around the corner we wanted to give you a few ideas on some DIY games you can create and play with your family & friends!   Dominoes Why? These are perfect for kids......

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