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  • 22 Jun

    Woodworking 101: Sanding

    One of the most important steps in woodworking is actually sanding your wood. This is used to remove flaws, mill marks and other dents that have been placed in the wood either prior to or......

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  • 10 May

    DIY – Summer Games

    With summer around the corner we wanted to give you a few ideas on some DIY games you can create and play with your family & friends!   Dominoes Why? These are perfect for kids......

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  • 10 Apr

    Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinets 2018

    Cabinets are an essential piece in creating your perfect kitchen. As styles evolve overtime it’s important to stay up to date in new design trends each year. Below is a list of three trends that......

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  • 28 Mar

    Woodworking 101: How to Start

      What is woodworking? Woodworking is the activity or skill of making things from wood.   What can you create? With woodwork you can create a wide range of projects. Some potential projects include furniture,......

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  • 01 Feb

    How AWI is changing the woodworking industry in 2018

    The Architectural Woodwork Standards The Architectural Woodwork Institute has begun to develop new standards for the architectural woodwork community to follow. AWI is releasing an updated version of their Architectural Woodwork Standards, AWS. This is......

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  • 03 Jan

    Mitre Saw Hacks

    The mitre saw is one of the most used power tools in woodworking. t is so powerful and versatile, every woodworker must have one on their shop. If you’re just starting out, here is a......

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  • 16 Nov

    Project Overview – Gibbett Hill Restaurant

    Recently, we completed some magnificent interior millwork for Gibbett Hill Restaurant in Groton, Ma. This barn style restaurant consist of a radius bar with a stone top and a footrest, a fun challenge for us.......

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  • 28 Oct

    Woodworking Industry Upcoming Events

    There’s always something going on in the woodworking industry. Here are some events happening soon that we think are worth checking out for any woodworking enthusiast. 1. January 8, 2018 – WTII Bootcamp In an effort......

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  • 22 Sep

    We need more woodworking in schools

    A woodworking program can be a lot more than just a chance for students to play around with tools and build something on their own. Programs like wood shop allow students to develop many characteristics......

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  • 23 Aug

    Hardwood as a Luxury

    The world is truly an amazing place full of exotic plants and trees in nature.  People pay big bucks to incorporate rare and and beautiful hardwoods from around the world in their space.    Below are......

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